SOLUTION provider for feminine hygiene products


manual machines for rural Areas


These are low cost machines specially designed for operations in rural areas . These can be operated with minimum power requirement even without regular supply and can generate good employment and have good production capabilities.

Semi Automatic Machine For SHG


These are designed specially for Self help groups. Good quality production with small investment in machines. These can produce Ultra thin with Wings sanitary pads of different sizes and shapes.

Automatic Machines


This is best suited model for commercial production. These machines are capable of producing high quality and quantity of   napkins with using minimum energy. Our technology is GLUE FREE TECHNOLOGY and can make Bio Degradable pads.



We support all volunteers with on time  supply of quality materials for different products and specifications.

We supply Non Wovens, Airlaid tissues, SAP Sheets, PE films, Adhesion tapes, Wood pulp.

Diapers and Maternity pads


We can also manufacture Machinery for both Diapers and Maternity pads as per customers specifications.

Sanitary and maternity pads


We offer wide range of Biodegradable sanitary pads and maternity pads for different needs and at very affordable prices.