SOLUTION provider for feminine hygiene products

Our Services


Service #1 Technical know how

We offer tecnical  know how to make Eco freindly Glue Free High absorption sanitary pads and other products. Also we provide complete training and assistance for setting and operating such projects.


Service #2 Machinery and materials

We provide customize machinery for different production needs and capacities.

We offer compact, energy efficient and easy to operate and maintain machines with small investment requirements.

We also offer quality materials for making different hygiene products.


Services #3 Quality products at Affordable prices

We offer quality products at affordable prices so that we can motivate more users to adopt healthy hygiene practice.   

Awareness & education of menstrual hygiene management is essential for adolescents and rural females in our country to break age old taboos from the society. New absorption materials / sanitary pads at affordable price are the need of hour.